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Growing up in Carstairs, I’ve seen Airdrie boom over the years. As the population explodes and edges continue to grow, much of that growth looks all too familiar. The same shops - the same set up - the same cookie cutter image.

Alberta has so much to offer - so many creative trailblazers. Take a trip down any farmers market and you’ll see and taste some of the amazing creations Albertan's have made. Why do they have to be weekend indulgences? Why can’t we showcase our best on a daily basis in our homes?

Let’s bring some creativity to Airdrie. Show the world that we support local businesses and that we aren’t just another cookie cutter town.

A picture of a bale of hay. Homegrown Airdrie Alberta

Why & How

Meet Our Team They're awesome!

Lindsey Cybulskie

Owner / Founder

I may have grown up in Carstairs, AB, but Airdrie has always had a special place in my heart. My dad has owned and operated a cattle farm just outside of Airdrie for the past 50 years. All of my 6 siblings and myself, have worked at his farm at some point in time.

After high school, I originally sought a career in law. I worked my ass off to get a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and then a law degree in Saskatchewan. I moved to Ontario briefly to finish the process in becoming a lawyer, and then moved back home to start a family.

My husband and I welcomed two adventurous little girls: Carter in 2015 and Maisyn in 2017. After having my girls, I decided to take the dive into starting my own business and Homegrown was born. Every step of the process has been difficult but exciting. I can’t wait to share with you all of the amazing things I’ve found!

Want to know my favourite thing about Alberta? The Rocky Mountains. There are no words to express how beautiful they are and how at peace I feel when I’m there. Go explore our backyard!

If you think you’ve peaked, find a new mountain.

Stefy Smith

Assistant Manager

An artist all my life. I grew up in Alberta until I was 17 and then moved to the coast for 13 years. I ended up moving back to Alberta a few years ago after completing furniture making school at Camosun College in Victoria. I came to Airdrie to be closer to family and there was something in me that missed Alberta. I have been a maker all my life and love working with my hands. I hope to grow and develop as an artist and furniture maker, incorporating all the skills I have developed over time. I look forward to this new adventure with Homegrown and getting more personal with the community and the products Alberta has to offer!

My favorite thing about Alberta is the sky is so full of open space, beauty and hope.

Tannis Smith


My name is Tannis Smith and I am proud to call Airdrie my home! I have always had a connection with these magnificent mountains and feel so blessed to raise my family amongst their beauty! I also share Lindsey’s passion for supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses. Although my career has focused on supporting individuals of all abilities my passion is for art and I love discovering what others are creating!! I am excited and honoured to be apart of my sister’s venture! 

Our Journey

Homegrown was born out of a love for locally made food and a desire to have Alberta’s best easily accessible in Airdrie. From there, we found a collection of trailblazers – Albertan’s who were willing to take a risk and make something they love.

We have all your essential items for your pantry, bathroom, and closet – all made in Alberta. You’ll also find handmade décor that will make your home one of a kind.

Stop by, meet the makers, and have a taste of Alberta. Don’t want to go out? Try our quarterly subscription box that provides you with the Season’s Best locally made foods. Have all of the essential seasonal flavours delivered right to your door.

Homegrown strongly supports local adventurous female bosses.

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