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Welcome to our blog!! Don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with all of our deepest emotions – we’re just going to share some awesomeness with you! Everything from new trends in home décor to delicious recipes. My tribe and I are explorers that love trying new things, so if you’re in the need for a change – something new for supper, an update in a room, or some new clothing or jewelry – you’ll love this! But first, I should probably tell you a bit…

Wild Flower

I hate winter. I cannot stand being cooped up in my house with the vast whiteness and the frigid cold. But spring should come eventually, right? If you’re like me, you need some colour in your life. All the “cool peeps” say that floral is in – it’s popping up everywhere and in everything. From floral prints on the runway...

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How Did We Pick Our Vendors?

Heading into the last week before our Homegrown Housewarming, I’ve been constantly on my phone or at my computer because I have over 60 vendors for the store. 6.0. Sixty. That is a shit ton. So I thought I would give a little background into how I picked my vendors: Made in Alberta – This is the first defining feature...

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House & Pantry! We’re on the lookout

We're always on the lookout for more trailblazers who make handmade products in Alberta! Homegrown strongly supports local adventurous female bosses.