How Did We Pick Our Vendors?


Heading into the last week before our Homegrown Housewarming, I’ve been constantly on my phone or at my computer because I have over 60 vendors for the store. 6.0. Sixty. That is a shit ton. So I thought I would give a little background into how I picked my vendors:

  1. Made in Alberta – This is the first defining feature for who I selected. Everything in Homegrown is made in Alberta. Hell, the store was even going to be called Made in AB until I changed my mind in the last few hours before taking the plunge and incorporating. Now, obviously some vendors have some products incorporated in their final good that are not made here. For example, coffee beans are picked from other countries but the beans themselves are roasted here. Some vendors make their goods by hand, but have minor elements that are made elsewhere. I get it – but to be allowed in the store, the overall good must be produced or put together in Alberta.
  2. Female Driven Businesses – After becoming a mom, I realized just how strong and determined women can be and so I wanted to make sure that I promoted as many female driven businesses as possible. I have two little girls and it is very important that my girls grow up knowing they are capable of anything and these ladies prove it. I am beyond proud to say that over two-thirds of all the businesses in Homegrown are female driven!
  3. It’s Good Shit! We are so done with the “Live, Laugh, Love” bullshit in every store. We want something fresh and fun. Things that really speak to us as individuals, not as just another one in the crowd. You will find incredibly unique pieces that will make you and your house stand out. Food that will make your guests say “Damn, where did you get that?”


Each one of my vendors has a story and I’d love to share them with you!

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