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Straps Away – Magnetic Car Seat Strap Holder


StrapsAway are magnetic pins that fasten to the fabric of an infant or child car seat and hold the buckles and straps out of the seating area. When your child is placed into the seat, the buckles and straps are held conveniently to the side. No longer will the child sit on top of an uncomfortable mess, and no longer will you have to dig for a tangle of belts and buckles from underneath your child.

Each set includes a pair of 3.8 cm (1.5 inch) magnetic buttons. On the back side is a pin and childproof clasp used to fasten the button to the side fabric of the car seat. (see ‘Installation’ for details). Then, the buckles on the ends of the straps are placed on the magnetic buttons, and are securely held in place.

It’s that simple!



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