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Apology Accepted by Faith Wood


There’s a certain sound associated with cold, hard, steel—and, it’s not good. As massive doors clanged behind her, Colbie wondered what the hell she was doing there. Was it necessary? What good would it do? There was nothing to gain, really, except for a possible misguided thrill of seeing the man who upended her life behind bars. Of course, she didn’t tell Brian—he would have flipped if he knew she intended to surface the past.

Confidence faltering, Colbie Colleen accepts a life-altering case, one forcing her to step into her shadow world seeking comfort and safety. Fearful of losing her intuitive abilities, she feels fractured and incomplete as she struggles to regain control of her personal and professional lives. Should she break the ties tethering her to the past? Does she have the strength to confront her inadequacies? Maybe. Maybe not…

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