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Barn Cat Buttons: Meets Princess Kylie by Ann Edall-Robson


A rough around the edges barn cat, Baby Boy Buttons, likes to come and go as he pleases. That is until the day Buttons meets Princess Kylie, a dog who does not live on the ranch.

Thinking he answers to no one but himself, Buttons learns how to be nice to an irritating visitor.

About the Author: Raised in ranching country, Ann Edall-Robson’s love for animals is filled with memories and traditions. From her many books and published photographs, Ann’s passion for the fast-disappearing western heritage and values is evident in all her creative pursuits. Ann currently resides near the foothills of Alberta where nature and the lifestyle of the West continue to influence and inspire her work.

Karon Argue is known primarily as an illustrator of children’s books, but unlike many artists who draw simple images for children’s books, her work although light and whimsical, is also highly detailed. Karon says that’s become a bit of a trademark.

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