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Moon Rising by Ann Edall-Robson


Through photographs, verse, insightful musings, anecdotes, and short stories, Moon Rising takes a luxuriant ramble over a broad range of human emotions, evoking lightning bolts of empathy and recognition. Gorgeous photographs are perfectly paired with deftly crafted text to create a visceral experience of the sights, sounds, and feelings of the human experience and rural life in particular. With richly sensory detail, humour, passion, and keen poetic insight, the photographs, verse, and prose of Moon Rising offer a delicious smorgasbord of emotional highs and lows.

About the Author: Ann Edall-Robson grew up in ranching country. Her passion to keep the fast-disappearing western heritage and traditions alive is evident in all her creative pursuits.

Recognized for both her writing and photography, Ann’s published book credits include The Quiet Spirits, Moon Rising: An Eclectic Collection of Works, e-Cookbooks in her From Our Home To Yours Series and Birds in my Canadian Backyard.

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