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Mus, A Mouse Adventure by Ann Edall-Robson


After being told he shouldn’t play under the hood of the car, Mus doesn’t listen to his Mommy. When the car starts up, it’s too late for him to get down and he finds himself going on a journey. Alone and afraid, the little mouse doesn’t know where he is when the car finally stops. He breaks another one of his Mommy’s rules when he talks to some strangers, asking them for help to get home. Will these strangers lend a hand to get Mus back to where he belongs, or will he need to figure out how to find his Mommy on his own?

About the Author: Ann Edall-Robson grew up in ranching country. Her passion for keeping the fast disappearing Western heritage, traditions, and stories alive are evident in her creative pursuits. Living near the foothills of Alberta, nature and the customs of the West continue to both influence and inspire her writing and photography. Her published works encompass a selection of books the whole family can enjoy.

Visually impaired artist, illustrator, children’s book author, and public speaker Karon Argue creates colourful, engaging characters that appeal to all ages.

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