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The Accidental Audience by Faith Wood


There’s nothing better than a cozy, suspense mystery, and Faith Wood’s award winning cornerstone book of the Colbie Colleen Cozy, Suspense Mystery series intrigues teen and adult readers alike. Wood introduces mystery and suspense enthusiasts to the feisty, red-headed ex-cop, psychological profiler, and psychic detective, Colbie Colleen. Throughout her life, she built walls around herself—now, life challenges her safety net. Her security. Her relationships. She stands alone as she attempts to complete a puzzle from fragmented pieces, needing to trust her instincts for she knows things are not as they seem. Reeling from a career derailed due to injury, Colbie retools her life, discovering a path of insight, intrigue, and intuition. The kidnapping of her lover catapults her into a sphere of fraud laced with corruption as she discovers the difference between willful blindness and total clarity.





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