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The Quiet Spirits by Ann Edall-Robson


Brandi Westeron is a freelance writer in love with the fading lifestyle of the western homestead. After publishing a high-profile article in Homestead Life Quarterly, Brandi starts experiencing unusual dreams and is faced with a choice: pursue her goals for her next feature piece, or follow her instincts in search of answers about her dreams? With the help of some trusted friends, Brandi sets out to do both, soon to discover that some things in life are not what they seem.

About the Author: Ann Edall-Robson grew up in ranching country. Her passion to keep the fast-disappearing western heritage and traditions alive is evident in all her creative pursuits. Recognized for both her writing and photography, Ann is the author of Moon Rising: An Eclectic Collection of Works. She has also published two eCookbooks in her series From Our Home To Yours and is a contributor to the Voice and Vision artisan anthologies. The Quiet Spirits is Ann’s latest literary endeavour.

Ann and her husband reside near the foothills of Alberta where nature and the traditions of the West immerse her in the way of life that influence and inspire her work.

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