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Whiskey Snow by Faith Wood


Suddenly, she found herself walking a solitary country road—focusing on her feet, she paid little attention to anything around her, barely noticing as a man in overalls approached, a young girl dressed in a tattered, white dress in tow. Did she know them? Then, as quickly as they drew near, Colbie backed away, unsure. The two coming toward her stopped, and she recognized the young girl as LaRee Beeman—red, curly hair was streaked with dirt, her face revealing a life not fit for a young child. “How can that be,” Colbie wondered. “LaRee Beeman was Amanda’s aunt—the time period doesn’t fit . . .” When Colbie learns her uncle in Wyoming is accused of a double murder, she vows to help as much as she can. She and Brian fly to Gillette, planning to stay a couple of weeks—but, weeks turn into months as she partners with one of the finest attorneys in the West to free a family member she barely knows. Trial research reveals family secrets long held, urging Colbie to follow her ancestral trail. Not for the first time, she questions who she is, and where she belongs.

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