Wild Flower


I hate winter. I cannot stand being cooped up in my house with the vast whiteness and the frigid cold. But spring should come eventually, right?

If you’re like me, you need some colour in your life. All the “cool peeps” say that floral is in – it’s popping up everywhere and in everything. From floral prints on the runway to Blossoming Rose Tea Lattes at Starbucks. So how do you rock the floral without going overbud? Here are my 3 ways to incorporate floral like a pro!

  1. Start with ACTUAL flowers: Incorporating flowers in your home are the easiest way to brighten up a room, and personally, that they have a calming effect on me. Bonus points if you get a houseplant that blooms flowers because they are more sustainable and last longer, plus they bring oxygen into your home.
  2. Incorporate small pieces into your clothing or home décor: Trends change and change quickly. Select your big pieces on things that YOU love – who cares about the trends. Change out smaller pieces to follow trends because then it’s easier to replace them. Check out Bella Love Design’s hoops for her floral embroideries. They’re the perfect addition to your gallery wall. Or, hang her “Have a lovely poop” hoop in your bathroom!
  3. Eat it! So many companies are exploring floral flavours this season. I am addicted to ice cream and gelato, so check out Fiasco Gelato’s Lavender Vanilla Gelato. It will blow your socks off.

Remember – it’s easy to keep up with trends by making little changes – keep the big things for things that make your heart bloom!

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